We'll be closed October 7th & 8th.

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Occupied will be closed on October 7th-8th. We'll hopefully be back open by the 9th if everything goes smoothly.

We're closed because there will be some filming going on in the shop & outside. Actually mostly outside the shop. They will be dressing the shop to be a whole 'nother type of business... sadly we have to pack up everything in the shop for filming purposes, but at least the shop will be in this BIG movie.

Thanks so much!


Luke is sick :(

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Luke our sweet shoppe cat is at the vet's for the night.

Luke has been not well for the last couple of days. We thought it was just from the stress of re-doing the shoppe, because he doesn't much like change. But, he really has fallen ill.

We'll get the blood results back on Wednesday & we are praying that the i.v & the antibiotics help him feel a little better. We will go and check on him tomorrow morning.

For those of you who met Luke, we'd appreciate some good loving thoughts to get him better quickly.

The shoppe is empty with out him there.

We miss him & hope he can come back feeling better very soon.

Poor Lukey.


Giant RUNRUN and baby RUNRUN's!!!

These wonderful plush friends are by liamliamliam of Montreal.

This is our second shipment in, so if you missed out on them this weekend we have more now!!! Come soon, because we are having hard time keeping them on the shelves.

Also we have one GIANT RUNRUN looking for a home! (He is so cute!!!)

Liam is very talented & we are very happy to have RUNRUN's & other wonderful plush friends of his here at Occupied



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These cutie pies are looking for homes before their boat sinks!!!

Come in & check these guys out! You will not believe how soooooooooft they are!!!

We even got some bunnies in for Easter!!!


Webkinz just arrived!

Webkinz, originally uploaded by too_occupied.

We are welcoming some Webkinz friends into Occupied this month!

We have a special introductory price until this Sunday on these guys ($14.25)!!!
We have...
Spotted turtle!
Irish setter!
Spotty dinosaur!
Domino cat!
Mountain goat!
Grey owl!

We also have some super cute outfits for these guys!
Webkinz red ball cap, Polka dots P.J's, White & pink warm up set, Basketball outfit, Baseball uniform, Cupcake t-shirt w/skirt & a beautiful lilac party dress ! (so cute)


I gotz movie passes!!!

I have movie passes for you!!!!

To the advanced screening of "Sunshine Cleaning". The pass is for you & a friend on Monday March 23rd @ 7pm. At the Granville Street Theatre.

I'm giving away a passes from March10th - March 14th with any purchase!
Supply is limited!

Be one of the first to see this show!!!
P.S: I love Alan Arkin!


Whoa Nelly!

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There is tons of parking on Abbott St. today!!!
So come on down!

I swear I haven't even seen a parking enforcement person today! Parking must be freeeee!!!

Actually, the roads are terrible. Just stay home & snuggle.

Come shopping tomorrow!

Only 3 more shopping days until Santa comes!!!